A Country Tale (Conto da Roça). 1080p, color, sound. 6'00'' - Edition 5 + AP. Paul Setúbal, 2020.

* For a better appreciation of the video, you would need good headphones or good sound equipment.

This new video presents a true story, about land expropriation and the struggles for territorial control in the interior of Brazil. The footage is accompanied by a soundtrack of a Capoeira master playing the berimbau. Capoeira is a popular Afro-Brazilian martial art which I myself practice and the berimbau is an important and sacred single-stringed musical instrument used in capoeira music. For me, the sound of the berimbau tells a moving tale of resistance, struggle and resilience over history.

Arrangements: Rafael Smeke

Berimbau: J. Bamberg / Mestre Angoleiro, recorded at Fábio Souza Studio